Bauduen near gorges du Verdon

Medieval village on Lake St. Croix

Charming walk in an exceptional village, calm guaranteed!

Bauduen is on the Lake Saint Croix, in a magnificent place. By walking up and down the streets of the medieval village, we are timeless and of the daily tumult and we acquired fast a pleasant sensation of peace and well-being.

During the summer other activities are possible, but it is a recommended destination also for the off season to recharge itself, far from the city and the pollution.

If you are in the Var, do not hesitate to take the car in the direction of Gorges du Verdon or of the Lake St. Croix and pass to Bauduen.

You do not regret it!

Lac St. Croix

Bauduen-Var by

Bauduen-Var by         Bauduen-Var by

Bauduen it is a place where the art is rather present.

Art-Bauduen-Var by      Art-Bauduen-Var by

The Post is there in order to remind us the space and the time...
otherwise one could believe that the corridors of time have been opened... 

Bauduen-Var by     Bauduen-Var by

Bauduen-Var by     Bauduen-Var by

Bauduen-Var by     Bauduen-Var by

The small upper left alley bears the strange name of " crossing of breaking ass  "...
Going to know why..

     Bauduen-Var by

Bauduen-Var by

Bauduen-Var by

It was Bauduen...

Bauduen-Var by
                                                                                                              ...  To visit absolutely !

Country: France
Region: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Department : Var
Arrondissement : Brignoles
Canton : Aups
Intermunicipalites: Community of communs of Lacs and Gorges du Verdon
Mayor:  Émile Calchiti (2014-2020)
Postal Code:  83630
Population: 324 hab. (2012)
Density : 6,8 hab./km2
Coordinates:  43° 44′ 05″ N 6° 10′ 36″ E
Height: Min. 470 m – Max. 1 144 m
Area: 47,45 km2


Commentaires (3)

# 1 . incognito, il y a 5 ans
# 2 . Toni, il y a 5 ans
# 3 . Marielle, il y a 5 ans

  # 3

  * Marielle, il y a 5 ans

J`y étais, c`est super

  # 2

  * Toni, il y a 5 ans


  # 1

  * incognito, il y a 5 ans

J’y étais. Magnifique village provençal perché au-dessus du Lac.

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