Little walk in Saint Raphaël

An autumn afternoon in Saint-Raphaël

The weather is so beautiful for this afternoon of end of October that the people do not resist of  the temptation to bathe...

During the summer, in this garden built above a parking lot souterain, the more or less known artists give free shows and make the happiness of the vacationers...

This statue, relatively new, is at the back of the garden Bonaparte and it is difficult to know what it represents...

In any case, it dominates the sea and it is very ugly. What a pity!

An ephemeral obelisk (recently, it was replaced by a sparkling large wheel spotted from away)...

And this is the new Port of Saint Raphaël wished by the old mayor to compete with the port of Saint Tropez! We are a long way off ...

Catamaran to rent for stroll at sea... Interesting!

... is always there to watch...

We can even take the boat to go to Toulon... but, that is not too exciting, especially for the tourists!

The weather is so beautiful that we enjoy walking at saint Raphaël...

To see absolutely!

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