SpeedKart at Speedooland

SPEEDKART, 1714 Avenue Aéroport, 83400 Hyères

There is everything you need for fun at Speedooland,
the world of motor sport, for young and old drivers.

1714 Avenue Aéroport
83400 Hyères

There's even two-seater karts.

A large structure to accommodate in the best conditions a large number of customers ...


... thoughtful staff, dedicated and attentive to customer ...

That day, in the stand "karts for children," there was Tom, Jean and Emeric, three very nice staff members, attentive to safety and ...

... In the "motocross and quads" stand, Pierre and Gaspard, were preparing the machines and were always available for children, for giving them instructions and advice to ride safely ...

... a great track for children also ...

... The designers are attentive to every detail ...


self service Helmets, available to customers before they board karts ...

... some helmets even have the support to fix the GoPro ...

... the podium for the winners ...

... an area for toddlers ...

... a shaded area to enjoy an ice cream or a sandwich, refresh ...

... here is some information for the trophy palms, Sunday, May 24 ... not to be missed!

... the information point ... it is also here that we buy tickets ...

... for rates, click on this link to access the website Speedooland ...

... here is the very powerful karts sector, for adults and teens ...

SpeekKart at Hyères, in the Var ... one of the best places to spend memorable days ...


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Speedkart, on adore !

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# 1 . incognito, il y a 5 ans
# 2 . incognito, il y a 5 ans
# 3 . adonf, il y a 5 ans
# 4 . Isa, il y a 5 ans
# 5 . incognito, il y a 5 ans
# 6 . incognito, il y a 5 ans
# 7 . incognito, il y a 5 ans
# 8 . incognito, il y a 5 ans
# 9 . loco motive, il y a 5 ans


  # 9

  * loco motive, il y a 5 ans

les accès : http://www.speedkart.fr/racing-plandaccs-62.html

les horaires : http://www.speedkart.fr/racing-horairesdouvertures-11.html

super cup le jeudi soir


super piste : tous les Vendredis hors vacances scolaires (assemblages des deux pistes, adultes et enfants) pour faire une méga piste



  # 7

  * incognito, il y a 5 ans

La page facebook officielle de speedkart ?



  # 4

  * Isa, il y a 5 ans

oui, c`est le meilleur endroit de la région pour une belle journée en famille
Les enfants sont toujours très contents : `c`est super comme à disneyland!`


  # 2

  * incognito, il y a 5 ans

speedkart cest le meilleur karting du var


  # 1

  * incognito, il y a 5 ans

La plus belle offre de divertissement en PACA VAR:karting, quad, moto... à l`épicentre de Toulon et de Bormes-les-Mimosas, le lavandou, (30 mn), tout près de l`Aéroport International de Toulon à Hyères pour les petits et les grands, pour s`amuser en famille et entre amis... have a goodtime at Speedooland in PACA (var) !


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